MyLiFi is a smart lamp that beams broadband on your laptop

Oledcomm is debuting one of the greater uncommon CES 2018 products today with the release of MyLiFi. The French enterprise uses light from a clever lamp to beam net broadband for your pc.

It promises a velocity of 23 megabits a 2nd, or faster than any wireless radio connection. MyLiFi is a mild-emitting diode (LED) lamp gives wireless net get right of entry to through mild in a at ease way, the company stated. The agency will show the product at CES 2018, the large tech change show in Las Vegas next week. It plans to release a Kickstarter campaign in January and will set preorder costs at $500 or €499.

LiFi is short for mild fidelity (a connection with wi-fi fidelity in wi-fi), and it permits cellular devices to connect thru LED lighting fixtures. It transmits data with the aid of modulating the mild alerts from an LED light bulb. The method is invisible to the human eye, and thousand of human beings are already the use of it in France, where the average wireless velocity is ready 10 megabits a 2nd.

mild signals are acquired and converted into records via a dongle linked to the device, and the dongle has to be inside the line of sight of the lamp.

Suat Topsu, a French researcher, created the technology as part of a studies group in 2005. He began the Vélizy, France-based organisation in 2012, and it now has 30 personnel. Benjamin Azoulay, who formerly worked at the release of the Philips Hue, is now CEO and Topsu is president.

The generation changed into previously used for business-to-commercial enterprise functions, which include supporting blind people navigate public shipping structures, transmitting clinical statistics in hospitals, and measuring travel times in supermarket aisles. The customer version (designed via EliumStudio) is designed so that you can point it in any path, and the colour temperature can be adjusted from bloodless white to warm orange to permit exclusive kinds of lighting consequences. The cable for the lamp connects to an Ethernet port in a router, and the dongle connects via a USB port to a computer.

“simply as easy energies are displacing fossil fuels and propelling us towards a global of responsible innovation, mild is now changing radio waves to provide a safe, a human beings- and eco-friendly net connection,” said Azoulay, in a declaration. “MyLiFi marks the start of a brand new era in connectivity.”

The 800 lumens MyLiFi uses most effective 13.five watts of electricity, as compared to twenty watts for a wireless router. you can control it the usage of a web or smartphone app, converting the mild depth or placing lighting fixtures environment and log-off times. Oledcomm said game enthusiasts can use the connection for a quick and dependable “ping,” or quicker interplay in on line games. Oledcomm is also pitching it to the enterprise marketplace, wherein organizations can use it in public settings.

furthermore, connections are a great deal more secure: LiFi alerts use seen light and can’t bypass thru walls, making it a lot more difficult to hack a enterprise’s net connection without attacking its firewall. And Oledcomm notes that MyLiFi gives an opportunity to radio and electromagnetic waves, which may be dangerous to humans. add speed is 10 megabits a second, even as download pace is 23 megabits according to 2d. The mild weighs about 14 kilos.


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